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Dorm Bed: $35.000 COP ($12 USD) Per Person in Shared Dorm Rooms.

Private Room without Bathroom: $70.000 COP ($24 USD) Single Occupancy + $20.000 COP ($7 USD) Per Additional Person.

 Private Room with Bathroom: $100.000 COP ($34 USD) Single Occupancy + $20.000 COP ($7 USD) Per Additional Person. 

*We accept Cash and Credit Cards. All prices in the hostel are in Colombian Pesos. The previous U.S. Dollar prices are estimates based on a fluctuating exchange rate. Current Exchange Rate: $1.00 USD = mas o menos $2.900 COP Colombian Pesos.


We only take advance reservations either:

(1) here in the hostel for a future date leaving a deposit for the first night,


(3) you may pay a deposit for the first night of your stay in one of the member hostels of

the Colombian Hostel Association found in many locations all over Colombia. 

We do not accept advance reservations without some form of deposit. This means that we do not accept email or telephone reservations, per se. If you have had difficulty making a reservation at Casa Kiwi please do not think that it is because we do not want or appreciate your business. We love everyone. The thing is that we tend to operate on a first-come, first-served basis - this way there is usually a bed available for people who just show up without a reservation late on a rainy night... that person could be you.

 We are currently working on a better system, where we will be able to take reservations directly on our website, using a credit card. This is very exciting for us, as it will be a tool to provide better customer service. Please check back soon for this option. Sorry for the current inconvenience.